Burrel S12 HD+SMS III


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The Burrel S12 HD+SMS III is an updated version of Finland’s most popular transmitting and remotely controlled trail camera. The robust and easy-to-use camera sends images directly to your email – all you have to do is add your own email address to the device. he durable housing is waterproof and dustproof, which allows the camera to withstand even temporary immersion in water.

The product package includes: Burrel S12HD+SMS III game camera, Burrel by Elisa SIM card (to be activated separately), external power antenna and mounting tape.

Durable and Easy to Use

  • Thanks to the tight and durable case, the camera can withstand even temporary immersion in water.
  • All transmitting settings are ready in the camera. You only need to add the recipient’s email address. Photos and videos are also stored on the device’s memory card.
  • The device comes with a Burrel by Elisa SIM-card, which is activated at elisa.fi/burrel. The monthly subscription fee is EUR 3.90 per month, which the operator charges separately on a monthly basis.


  • Näkymätön ja huomaamaton inframustasalama ja nopea liikkeentunnistin takaavt korkealaatuiset kuvat niin yöllä kuin päivällä. Kamera havaitsee liikkeen jopa 25 etäisyydeltä.
  • Kamerassa on matala virrankulutus. Virtalähteeksi sopii joko 12 kpl AA-paristoja tai 6V ulkoinen virtalähde (akku tai verkkovirta)
  • Kameran käyttöönotto ja asetusten muokkaaminen on helppoa 2.0” värinäytön ja näppäimistön avulla.



  • Discreet and invisible infrablack flash
  • High-quality 12.0MP still images and FullHD videos (1080p) with audio
  • Motion sensor distance up to 25 meters


  • Compact and durable housing with IP68 protection rating. Prevents even temporary immersion in water.
  • Powered by 12pcs AA batteries or 6V external power supply, for example battery or mains current.
  • Low power consumption
  • 2.0" color display and buttons for easy camera control and orientation


  • Self-activated Burrel by Elisa SIM card is included. Price 3.90 euros / month. The subscription is not included in the price.
  • Images can be sent to e-mail over a 2G network. Photos and videos are also stored on the device's memory card.
  • Versatile remote control commands make it easy to change and control device settings

Burrel S12HD+SMS III
Power supply:
12pcs AA batteries, connection for 6V external power supply (battery or mains current)
Operating temperature:
-20°C …. +60°C
363 g
153 x 124 x 90 mm (without antenna)
SD-kortti, max. 32GB
Mobile network support:
Field of View:
58 degrees
Camera modes:
Photo, video, and video+image
Image resolution:
3 to 12 MP (adjustable)
Videon resolution:
Full HD 1080p, 720p, WVGA, QVGA
Video length:
1-30s (adjustable)
Motion sensor:
Wide angle, adjustable.
Response speed:
up to 0.6s
Infrablack flash, range up to 25m
Photo burst:
Sets of 1-10 images
Time-Lapse mode:
Yes (adjustable)
Programmable weekly calendar
Sending images:
Sending videos:
12 months
Supported countries:
Finland, Sweden, Norway and Baltics