Dog Tracking

The dog’s tracking device should be chosen to suit your own needs, so that the GPS tracking is successful as intended. Among Tracker tracking devices, you will find a suitable dog tracking device for all the terrains you hunt with your dog. Tracker manufactures dog tracking devices that are suitable for the hunting of small game as well as moose and bear hunting.

GPS/Glonass positioning guarantees an accurate and real-time location of the dog on the map. Location information is transmitted from the collar almost in real time with the help of 2G/3G/4G networks. The waterproof and shock-absorbing casings make the Tracker dog tracking devices a durable work tool. Depending on the dog’s size and breed, the Tracker collar can be worn either around the dog’s neck or on the dog’s back attached to a vest. Tracker Artemis is an ergonomic dog collar tracking device that includes, among other things, an accurate bark counter and remotely operated LED lights. Read more about our positioning devices, and easily order a GPS for your dog!