A trail camera, also known as a wildlife camera, is a device designed to capture photos or videos automatically when triggered by motion or heat. It is commonly used in wildlife monitoring, hunting, and outdoor surveillance. Trail cameras are typically placed in outdoor environments, such as forests, hunting grounds, or trails, to capture images or videos of animals or any other movement in the area. These cameras are designed to be weatherproof and durable, capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

Burrel has a wide range of trail cameras with different features. Thanks to wide-angle technology, the Burrel S22WA wildlife camera allows you to capture a wider area in images and videos than ever before. The Burrel S12 HD trail camera is available as a PRO model that uses 4G network technology, and as a SMS III model that supports 2G network technology. The Burrel Edge HD is a weatherproof and affordable recording wildlife camera. Burrel trail cameras come with a Burrel by Elisa SIM card, which allows you to easily connect your wildlife camera to mobile network. See also Burrel trail camera accessories.