All teams participating in the competition, individual competitors and members of the competition organization carry Tracker or Ultracom locators or applications with them. The positioning arrangement increases the interest of the audience as well as the safety of the race.

As a novelty, we will use the new Tracker event tracking service, developed for autumn 2022, which has already, been used in numerous events. With this service, any Tracker user can build a tracked event. Compared to previous years, we also use the teams’ own locators. . All Tracker, Ultracom and B-Bark dog locator and Tracker programs can be used for tracking.

Tracker thanks the Off-track skiing organization for more than 15 years of cooperation. As a result of the cooperation, the competition organization and the public audience have received a live tracking for the competition. In addition, Tracker gets a great place to introduce new services to audience and test opportunity develop new services for next hunting season.

Off track skiing organizer web pages

Tracking the competition with Tracker App

The event is tracked on your phone or tablet, from the Tracker app. To track this event, you don’t need a paid version of the app.
If you don’t have the Tracker app yet, you can download it from your app store: Google Play or Apple App store
NOTE! Separate instructions will be sent to the participants and organizers of the competition, these instructions are for the public.
To join an event group, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Open the Tracker app from your phone
  2. 2. Open the main menu of the Tracker app by tapping left bottom corner of the “3 dots” button
  3. 3. Select GROUPS and tap the Plus button
  4. 4. Select “Join group” and tap: OK
  5. 5. Enter our event join code GOMIMEMATU and tap: OK
  6. 6. You’re now in a group as an event follower
  7. 7. Event trackers don’t appear on the map


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