Wolf-Safety is a wolf observation system which allows Ultracom and Tracker users to add their visual or trace observations on the map. The wolf observation will be displayed to all Ultracom and Tracker users with Safety -feature turned on. An observation can be confirmed by another user which will increase the reliability of the observation. Observation color will change according to the age of the observation to red, yellow or grey.
You can mark a wolf observation on the map within two kilometer radius of your own location and you can view wolf observations across the country. It is possible to enter additional information to the wolf observation, whether it is a visual observation or a trace, the direction of the wolf, and the number of individuals. Once you save an observation, others will see your marking on the map. The observation is made with your own name, you must have the Safety -function turned on.
Please note that misuse of the Wolf-Safety may result in the termination of the user account.