The SIM card has not been updated. If you don’t mind that the SIM -card stops working, you don’t need to do anything.

  1. Turn on the device and make sure the power is on.
  2. The device should remain on until the remote SIM card update is successful. Remote update is automatically attempted on a scheduled basis when the device is switched on. You can keep Tracker Super Boazu on continuously by setting the frequency to 15 minutes or more.
  3. During a remote update, the data connection of the device will be lost for up to an hour.
  4. If the remote update is not successful by 21.3.2023 or if your device does not stay on for a long time: remove the SIM -card from the device, insert it into a regular phone and wait until the phone is connected to the network. It is recommended to use an older phone with a large SIM card slot.
  5. You will not receive a separate notification of a successful remote update, but you can check the success of the update yourself here:
    If the remote update is not successful by 1 April 2023, we will announce the backup on the website.

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