The merger will create a new strong unit that benefits customers, suppliers, and the personnel. Following the merger, Tracker Oy will operate as a financially independent unit in Finland, with about 40 employees and a turnover of approximately EUR 13 million in 2022. The merger will not cause changes for end customers as the products and services will remain.

Ultracom Oy and Tracker Oy will merge into one company on 1st January 2022, the new merged company will be named Tracker Oy. Both companies are part of the Swedish Open Air Group and they provide solutions for dog tracking, including development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of tracking devices and its application. By combining the strength and expertise of these two traditional manufacturers, this merger will also accelerate the strategic growth and internationalization of both companies and will play a significant role in the European market in its field.

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Markus Salmenpohja