The Ultracom and Tracker brands merged under one roof and you can now enjoy the result of the collaboration between two top dog tracking manufacturers. The new Tracker app has the best features from the old Tracker and Ultracom applications. Use now Tracker-, Ultracom- and B-Bark dog tracking devices seamlessly with the same Tracker application. The new Tracker app is versatile , easy to use and feature-rich, replacing the previous Tracker Hunter 6 app. You can switch to the app with a valid Ultracom or Tracker license.

Old Ultracom application will be shut down on Wednesday, June 15th. However you can continue tracking your dogs with Ultracom NEXT or Tracker application and transfer your current account completely free. All your supported devices will be migrated into the new application automatically.

There is now also a free version of the Tracker app, which allows you to track your own position on a terrain or satellite map. You can also take advantage of the advanced Safety features, so that your location appears anonymously on the map to other nature enthusiasts nearby and you can see them when they have the same feature enabled in the app. You can also add and save waypoints on the map, e.g. to mark berry and mushroom patches. By upgrading to the full version, you get access to all features, dog tracking, group features, additional map material and advanced Dog and Wolf Safety features.


Switching from the old Ultracom app to the new Tracker app: Switching from the old Ultracom app to the new Tracker application : Ultracom support


Follow the instructions below to switch from Ultracom Next to the new Tracker app:

Download and install the app from the Play store or the Apple app store. You can find the app by searching with the keyword Tracker.

Open the Application Sign in with the same Google or Apple account you use for Next (you can see the account you use in the Next profile menu).

Pair the same phone number you use in the Next app (you can also see your phone number in the Next profile menu).

The Tracker app automatically retrieves information that is linked to your Next account:

App subscription time

Devices you own (note: ownership of the devices will be transferred from the Next app, making you the administrator of Next) You become the main user of the Tracker

Dog’s name and breed, from the dog profile

Groups and waypoints in the groups

Map markers

Map Planner material

You can continue to use Next after the transfer, but if you buy the subscription to the Next app, it will only be connected to Next and not copied to the new Tracker app. After the migration, it is therefore recommended that you switch to using only the Tracker application.

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