Service price list

Full maintenance – G400 / G500 / G1000 / Pointer Magnum and Supra models:

Price 180 €

Service includes: 
New battery 
New covers 
New GSM antenna 
Change of the reflective collar

The service warranty and replaced parts 12 months.

Battery replacement service – G400 / G500 / G1000 / Pointer Magnum and Supra models

Price from 99.50 € 

Service includes:

New battery 
Software update

The service warranty and battery 6 months

Note! If the collar covers are worn out or in a very bad condition that may affect the waterproofness of the device, they will be changed automatically and charged separately.

Service delivery costs:

Delivery letter 6.90€

Delivery package 19.00€

The price list is valid from 1.5.2021

Other service work

Price 80 € / h. (Minimum charge 40 €)

– Please provide a clear/detailed description of the defect or required service type in the Service form > description field below. 

Old G400 collar series

The support functions (technical support/product support), software updates, maintenance, and other similar services of the 1st generation G400 GPS collar have ended 5/2021 (The G400 can still operate the upcoming hunting season 2021but with limited features).

After season 2021, 1st generation devices will no longer work due to technical limitations brought about by the age of the devices.

The newer G400FI model will exceptionally continue to receive service i.e., we provide maintenance services and technical support. Models that fall into this category:

  • Tracker G400 v2.07, v2.08, v2.08i
  • Pointer Magnum v2.07 and v2.08

To find out the collar version number, Go to Tracker Hunter 6 application > All Targets> Select the dog name > scroll down to “ Software version ”

The version number can also be engraved on the  GPS cover device or on a label: (version number in bold) SW: G400. V2.07

Note! The following devices do not receive service:
Tracker TTA-310 models (TTA-310x / TTA-310 / TTA310i / TTA-310ia), grey dog ​​locator, orange antenna (Tracker), or orange locator + neck GPS receiver antenna (Pointer)

You can ask for a special swap offer for your older device!

Maintenance of older Pointer models and RF-based devices do not receive service.


Or alternatively, print the service form following the instructions below:

  1. Please fill in carefully the below service form
  2. Press “PRINT” button to open the print window.
  3. Print and attach the form to the package
  4. If the device is under warranty, remember to include your purchase receipt to the package 
  5. Send the package to:

    Tracker Oy / HUOLTO
    Kauppiaantie 30
    90460 OULUNSALO

If you can not print the form, enter the same information manually and attach it to the shipment.

Please note: Return shipping costs of the device will be charged.

1. Customer information

Invoicing information (if needed):

2. Device information

Tracker Oy/Huolto

Kauppiaantie 30

90460 Oulunsalo


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Tracker Oy/Huolto

Kauppiaantie 30

90460 Oulunsalo

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