A check-list to go through before heading out on your hunting day!

To get the latest features and enhancements, we highly recommend you to update your Tracker Hunter software. Latest versions are available via Google Play or App Store:

Is my license still valid? from the license menu, you can check the expiry date of your license. If you need to add more time, you can purchase an activation code from Tracker webshop ( available only for Finland & Sweden )or from your local dealer.

Tracker group, you can easily communicate and share real-time information within your hunting team:

Tracker Group also gives you the possibility to share points of interest (POIs), areas, lines, etc.:

Tracker Safety ™ a security feature that enables you to locate other users, having Tracker Safety mode activated, anonymously on the map in a radius of 2 km (2 miles). 

Is your collar software updated? you can check if there is a new version available via Tracker program. If so make sure the update is done successfully. To proceed: