“How to install Tracker Hunter – app to a mobile device that doesn’t have a SIM-card (e.g. WiFi-tablet)”

Tracker Hunter – app doesn’t require a device to have it’s own SIM-card and it’s own phone number

The phone number used during installation process can be any phone number that is in some device that You have access to, while installing Tracker Hunter – app, so that You can read the confirmation sms-message sent to that phone number.

When App asks for Your phone number at the very beginnin of installation process, take selection off from automatic sign in / log in, that can be found from the same interface menu, just below phone number

Then You can use any phone number that is at Your disposal and that You have access to, so that You can read the confirmation sms-message sent to that phone number

If this phone number given has already been used with some other Tracker Hunter – app, You might be given a list of licence codes used previously with that phone number

If You don’t want to use those licence codes for this mobile device, then select “None of these” and now You’re given 3 choices:
1. Register (If You have bought a new, previously unused licence code)
2. Log in / Sign in (This works with licence codes already in use)
3. You have also an option to use product without a licence and then all features are not active, but You can see Your own position on map.

From this point onward, the installation continues as usual and all You need to do is to follow the instructions given on the screen

“How can I change the licence code or phone number the App is using?”

On Android-devices:

– Make sure You have Your licence code / sharename / phone number written down somewhere for easy reference later on
– Close Tracker Hunter – app
– Open Android Settings > Applications > Tracker Hunter – App > Stop/Force stop
– Open “Storage” and select: “Clear storage” and “Clear cache”
– Open Tracker Hunter – app
– When App asks for a phone number, unselect option for automatic sign in / log in, that can be found just below phone number on that same menu
– Then type in the phone number You would like to use and a confirmation sms-message is sent to that phone number
– Now the App will also let You choose a licence code from a list of codes that You have used or are still using
– If You don’t find the right licence code from that list, there’s an option to manually enter a new licence code at the very bottom of the screen

On iOS-devices:

– Only option is to remove the App, for iOS doesn’t give You an option to reset Apps locally stored information like Android OS does
– Once the Tracker Hunter – App is uninstalled and reinstalled back again, then You can proceed with instructions given above (from “Open Tracker Hunter – app”, forward)

Make sure Your iOS backup services are not restoring previously used settings or login information when reinstalling the Tracker Hunter – app. These might include e.g. iCloud backup service (for app settings/data) or Apple KeyChain (login information).
More instructions for these can be found at Apple’s own tech.support site on the internet.

“I’m unable to rotate map and it stays locked to North-up view”

To rotate the map freely, so that it is no longer locked to North-up view:

– Tap compass on upper right hand corner on mapview

– Then use three fingers to drag map in a circular motion

– Map also turns freely on it’s own, when Your device’s electronic compass detects a change in which way Your compass is pointing at, then Tracker App adjusts the map accordingly

If You tap compass at the upper right corner and map still stays locked to Nort-up view, then make sure Your electronic compass is working properly. Some devices don’t have an electronic compass at all and that could keep Your map locked to North-up view.

“How to enable Estate borders, Nautical maps or other extra material to be shown on map view?”

Open left side menu > Map options > Scroll down and select: “More layers” > Estates > Borders and Numbers or just Borders

From this list You can activate new extra material to be used with Your maps

If there’s some map function that You use frequently, You can also add a custom quickbutton for that on the map view e.g. if You need to toggle estate borders on/off quite often, then You could create Your own quickbutton for this to be shown on mapview:

First You have to disable “Easy mode”:
Open left side menu > Settings > Display > Easy mode > tap slider on its right side from green to grey (turns “Easy mode” off)

Then get back to this “Map options” > More layers > Estates > Borders and Numbers > Tap & hold this option pressing it with Your finger for a few seconds longer than usually, until app releases a shortcut button that You can now place anywhere on the mapview. Or drag and drop it to trashbin at the center of the screen when You wan’t to remove it later on.

“Customizing shortcut buttons on App’s mapview”

First You have to disable “Easy mode”:
Open left side menu > Settings > Display > Easy mode > tap slider on its right side from green to grey (turns “Easy mode” off)

Scroll this menu down to “Map controls” if You’d like to adjust the map button size

On this “Map controls” menu You can also toggle mapview’s zoom slider on/off

Once You’ve disabled “Easy Mode”, now You can customize and make new quick buttons to be shown at map view or remove the default ones

You can select a menu item from left side main menu, also from map options or targets menu by using “tap & hold”. Tap on some menu item, hold it by Your finger until it releases a shortcut button that You can now place to App’s mapview.

You can also remove added quickbuttons by “tap & hold” until You can move it and drag it then to the trash bin at the center of the screen

If You have removed some of the default quickbuttons and want to get it back:
Open App’s left side menu > Settings > Display > Show full map button configuration and tap the slider on selected menu item to turn it’s color from grey to green (returns the quick button to map view)
Or You can go back to display-settings and enable “Easy mode” for it will restore all default quickbuttons back to Your mapview

“What http(s) and UDP ports Tracker Hunter – app is using?”

If You suspect that Your WiFi/Wlan router or firewall app/software on Your mobile device, is restricting Tracker Hunter – app’s network traffic, then make sure these ports are open:

Port / Protocol

80 (http)
443 (https)
4443 (https)
11000 (UDP)
11111 (UDP)
11121 (UDP)

How do I update the firmware of the device?

There is a possibility to update the firmware via mobile data (OTA) for following models: Supra, G1000, G500FI, G400FI ja G500 2013. Older G500-models have to be sent to Tracker Service Centre for update, before they support OTA updates.
1. Turn the collar on
2. Connect it to charger
3. W ait about 10 minutes until the collar send the positions regurarly
4. In Tracker App > Right side menu > “All targets” > Tap on GPS-device’s name > Scroll the list down until You find: “SW version…
5. If everything is OK it says here “The device is up-to-date” or gives You an option to send an update request for the GPS-device
Update takes about 15-30min.

Please make the update in areas with good GSM coverage e.g. at home and do not move with the collar.
In case that the update was interrupted e.g. due to the connection cut, restart the collar and try the process again.

My phone is not connected to Tracker live service / my own position is not displayed!

In most cases, all what you need to do is to restart your phone to solve any performance problems in it. If not, then consider these following options:

Check Android settings in your phone
– Mobile data is activated (Shut down WiFi, if it is turned on)
– Dual-SIM phones: in the default setting, it is often only one of the SIMs cards that enables data connection (check which Sim card is in use when the problem was detected.
– Security setting is not blocking Tracker’s online connection.
– If your phone is set to power saving mode, that may interfere with the application’s Internet connection.
– Make sure Tracker App has full network access: Phone Apps> Tracker> Permissions> Full network access is allowed?
– If necessary, check with your own mobile operator whether all access services are available and whether the operating area mobile network is ok.

Check Tracker App “My Position” – settings:
Tracker App > Open right side menu > My position” > Position update frequency”

By default, this is set to “Continious“, but try if some of the other options work better for Your mobile device.
There’s also an option “Custom” to option, for You to set update frequency more freely

From “My Position” – menu You’ll also find “Android legacy positionin
If You turn the slider to green, You can toggle this option and see if it helps getting position updated more frequently and reliably.

Power saving mode consequences on your phone:

Many phones have power saving features or can be set to power save mode. Enabling this mode, your phone will disconnect the server from the running programs or even stop their operations. Sometimes recovery from such a state is unsuccessful or may take some time.
Restarting Tracker program will usually correct the situation.
The following instructions are exemplary because the phone’s features may vary by phone models or OS, that is, the feature may be found under another menu, or named differently.
So, to keep the connection permanently in your program, proceed as follows:

– Power Saving mode:disable Tracker program power save mode if enabled. This can be found under “Battery Settings” menu, or “Battery Optimization”.

– Mobile Data limit: Turn off data limit for Tracker App if selected.  this can be found under your phone setting > mobile data limit > select Tracker> disable any restriction on background data usage.

Phone capacity to establish and maintain a data connection:

Phones models and operating networks can be different. It may well be that the phone works well with 4G but, for example, when moving outside the 3G or 2G modes, the same phone no longer works  that well. In addition, the antenna of the phone and its ability to function when the networks change are different. Some other phone works just fine. There is no universal advice as to where the phone is performing better than others.
You can try to set your phone settings to only 3G mode, or 2G or just 4G.

How can I transfer my Tracker license from an old phone to a new one?

Each user has one identity and in Tracker App it is linked to the phone number You’re using with the app

It is highly recommended to keep the registration code and share name the same when you transfer Tracker license from an old phone to another.

In that way, Tracker Live can automatically reset all your dogs’ collars, friends, groups, etc. to your new phone.  Plus, you can get you Tracker App running smoothly and quickly on a new phone without having to retrieve all your data again.

How to find all the needed information from Your old phone?

– Open Tracker App > Left side menu > Settings > Licence

You can take a screenshot or write down Your Licence key, Share name and Phone number You’ve used, for You will need these when installing Tracker App on Your new phone.

– Then You can choose: “Release licence” if not using Your licence code with this phone anymore

How to proceed with Your new phone when installing Tracker App

– When You open Tracker app for the first time after installation, it asks for Your phone number
– Type in Your phone number and proceed
– If everything goes well, then it should synchronize all targets stored on Tracker servers, under Your sharename and show them on Your targets list: live-targets, friends, groups, waypoints etc.

If something seems to go wrong with App’s registration process to a new phone

These might include e.g. some of the following:
– Phone number not recognized
– Verification sms-message not received
– App synchronized wrong (or very old) licence code
– App synchronized wrong (or very old) sharename

Then You can try deleting all locally stored information and get a new clean start and this is done a bit differently depending on which OS Your phone is using:

In iOS:

– Only option is to uninstall Tracker App and then re-install it
– Make sure Apple’s backup doesn’t restore previously given information for this App. This fair warning is just for those cases, if some of that previously given information is the reason for Tracker Hunter App registration to fail.

– Apple iCloud Keychain service/app could also restore wrong or outdated information if it recognizes that the App is familiar, used before and there’s some old login information, then it could try to use those even if they don’t work anymore.

– Apple’s own support site gives good instructions on how to manage Your iCloud stored backups and iCloud Keychain backups, so use those instructions if unsure how to prevent iCloud backups or Keychain backups for just for a certain App (in this cace: Tracker Hunter App)

In Android:

– Open: Settings
– Applications (or Application manager, in some devices)
– Select: Tracker Hunter App
– Tap “Force stop” (in case if Tracker Hunter App was still active)
– Tap “Clear chache”
– Tap “Clear Stored Data”
– Open Tracker Hunter App

Now, once these are done and iOS or Android cleared from information used on previous registratin attempt:

If the problem was not receiving confirmation sms-message, then now You can use some other phone number to receive that confirmation sms-message and later on, if all goes well, You can change back to Your previously used phone number by tapping on phone number field at licence-menu. But, let’s get back to registration process:

This time, when opening the App and You start the registration process all over again, notice what it says just below the field for phone number.

There’s an automatic sign in / log in and that is set “ON” by default.
Take this automatic sign in / log in option off and then proceed

The difference that it makes is that now App gives You a list of licence codes You’ve used and You can select the right one from that list.

If none of them is the one You would like to use, then at the very bottom of the page is an option to manually enter the licence code You want to use with the App.

If the licence code given at this point validates, then it links to a right sharename and then the App is able to download all targets under that sharenames target-list on Tracker liveserver.

Please note! Before you proceed with this operation make sure your Tracker license is still valid:
– Open Tracker App > Left side menu > Settings > Licence

What are the different statuses of the Tracker logo in the phone notification bar (top bar)?

While Tracker is running, the Tracker logo at the top of the phone screen appears. Logo indicates the following modes:

Meaning of icons, from left to right:
Connecting The Program is establishing a connection with Tracker Live
Connected All Ok
No live connection Tracker Live is turned off
Problem There is a problem connecting
Note! from Tracker for Android 4.03 (29.11.2018), these icons are “black and white”. Previously they had colors. The lack of color is due to the fact that new Android versions and development tools do not support color usage in the notification bar.
Meaning of Tracker symbols

Where do I find my registration code, share name, or owner / viewer password?

Where to find my Registration code and Share name
Open Tracker Hunter App > Left side menu > Settings > Licence > Licence, sharename and phone number are listed on this menu

Where to find Owner / Viewer passwords?
Open Tracker Hunter App > Right side menu > Tap the name of the target > Here You’ll find listed Owner and Observer passwords for selected target.

“Own position” has only Viewer password

Your own dog gps-device’s info menu shows both, Viewer password and Owner password.

From this menu, You can also set Observing allowed > turn the slider green if setting it to “allowed” or grey if leaving it to “denied”

Important! For security purposes, users or device personal ID (share name, registration code/ password) can’t be sent via email. For related matters, please contact our customer support: 0600-414610, or visit your local dealer or service.

How does a bark line drawing work?

The bark line is drawn when the dog barks. It is thick or red depending on settings of Tracker app.

With new Tracker devices, (SW version starting at v1.25.00) the bark line drawing starts when the dog has barked at least 4 times for the last 10 seconds and stops when the dog has been quiet for 10 seconds. With this solution, the bark line is made more accurate.

Total barking time is calculated to the minutes where the bark line is drawn.

In the new Tracker devices, the dog bark / no bark mode and the bark time calculation is done in the Tracker device, so it is not dependent on setting the tracking frequency.

The “Show bark on map” setting in Tracker application, only affects for old Tracker devices. In them, the drawing of the bark line was based on the barks/minute count, and with this setting it was possible to set the “bark per minute” limit to set if dog’s bark was drawn on the map or not drawn.

What to do if a phone call does not go through to a TravelSIM device and the answer is like “blocked call”, “number not in use,” or “answer machine”, others. ?

Some operators have blocked calls to some Estonian numbers, which means that some phones with a subscription to TravelSIM do not connect to the call but will answer “Call blocked”, “No number in use” or “Cannot connect to the selected number” etc.
There is a workaround for this:
Create a new contact in your phonebook using the collar share name and replace + in front of the phone number by 990 :
Phone number of the TravelSIM card in your device: + 37281xxxxxx
Set to Tracker: + 37281xxxxxx
Saved in your phone’s phonebook as 99037281xxxxxx
It must not be replaced in the app ie it must remain as e.g. + 37281xxxxxx