Stay ahead.

The new Tracker Artemis is designed and developed with new and proven technology. Besides its full support for GSM networks, it operates withnew future-proof 4G (LTE) based networks NB-IoT and LTE-CAT M1. In the future, 2G and 3G networks will be replaced by IoT 4G to ensure much better reception with less power consumption, making Tracker Artemis a smart choice for present and the future.

Tracker Artemis will guarantee for you and your dog a seamless future technological transition, once the IoT networks replace 2G & 3G networks. Furthermore, Artemis is developed with automatic Over-The-Air updatable software, i.e. The collar will be automatically and remotely updated. So, you do not have to worry about updating your collar anymore.

Tracker Artemis koiratutka

In addition, Tracker Artemis has totally new and exact bark counter, with a powerful speaker and bright LED-lights that can be controlled remotely.

Artemis is also designed with the same super antenna, the secret behind SUPRA’s excellent coverage. The extra value, however, with Artemis is the integrated antenna, which allows it to be used without the external one when hunting is good coverage areas. 

The new lower-power electronics and bigger battery make Tracker Artemis ideal for dog tracking collar while using high frequent tracking over longer periods or when you need long autonomy. It is possible now with Tracker Artemis to change the battery yourself once the lifetime gets shorter, keeping Artemis still waterproof.

Tracker Artemis is a Tracker Easy collar with a pre-installed IoT SIM card free of charge for the first year after purchase. Users do not have to worry about selecting or installing a sim card anymore.

Tracker Artemis is designed to be ergonomic for the dog. It has no sharp edges and is placed as close to the dog’s neck as possible to prevent the device from hitting dog’s chest and front paws during the action.

 The reflective collar is changeable for any other colour you can find in the accessories part. Tracker Artemis is sold with an orange reflective collar as it increases safety when hunting.