Tracker vest Sisu


New Tracker Sisu vest, with a pocket for Tracker Artemis, G400, G500, G1000, G10i, R10-series and Avius and R10 Hybrid dog tracking devices. Also Tracker Supra is compatible with the vest with a separate attachment add-on.

On the new Sisu dog vest the mounting straps are lighter, fit the dog better and do not wrinkle. They are secured with Velcro on two sides and there is also Velcro on the attachment patch. This makes the straps more rigid and better protected from twigs, dirt and snow. The attachment straps are more adjustable, making the dog vest suitable for dogs of different sizes and allowing the harness to be tightened appropriately. If there is excess length in the straps, they can be cut to length if desired.

The device pocket of Tracker Sisu has been redesigned, as the dog tracking device is now inserted from the bottom of the pocket, through a padded flap. his makes the pocket easier to use and more comfortable for the dog. The size of the device pocket has been increased and one of the walls of the device pocket has been made flexible, so that the dog vest can be used with almost all our dog tracking device models. (see list of compatible device models below).

The device pocket has a window so that the indicator and alarm lights of the device can also be seen from the device pocket.

Attachment point for Orbiloc light. There is a separate slot for an Orbiloc indicator light on the front of the equipment pocket, which allows your dog to be seen from a distance even in the dark (sold separately). Orbiloc is a hight quality waterpfoof beam light with simple and robust on/off switch.

Yhteensopivuus laitteille:

    • Tracker Artemis ilman pantaa, antennilla tai ilman antennia, Tracker Supra valjaskiinnikkeen kanssa, Tracker G400, G500, G1000 ja G10i pannan kanssa, Ultracom laitteet ilman pantaa, R10 ulkoisen ja sisäisen antennin versiot sekä Avius ja R10 Hybrid.
    • Paikka Tracker Active / Tracker Bark laitteille. Laitetaskun takana on erillinen paikka Tracker Active / Tracker Bark laitteille. Näin voit käyttää niitä halutessasi yhtäaikaisesti laitetaskussa olevan paikantimen kanssa. Active / Bark on sopivasti suojassa laitetaskun takana.