Tracker license

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License for the Tracker app You can choose between a 1-year or 1-week license.

Subscription will be added automatically to the user account given in the order. Subscription will be added to existing user account given in the order.

With Tracker APP you can control all supported Tracker, Ultracom and B-Bark dog tracking devices.

High-quality terrain map data, as well as nautical charts and satellite maps with marking and plotting tools, are suitable for use in a wide range of outdoor activities. The map data for the desired area can also be downloaded to the mobile device’s memory in advance.

Group-based cross-tracking

The group function of the new Tracker app allows you to see Ultracom, Tracker and B-Bark dog tracking devices, as well as users in the same group without separate cross-tracking licenses.

Communication between group members is seamless with the chat function in the app, and the Replay function allows you to seamlessly rewind the hunt and relive the adventure.

The app’s measurement tools also make it easy to measure distances and areas.


A free version of the Tracker app is now also available, allowing you to track your location on a terrain or satellite map. You can also add and save markings on the map, marking e.g. berry or mushroom picking spots. By upgrading to the full version of the app, you get access to all the features, dog tracking, group functions, additional map materials and advanced Dog Safety and Wolf Safety functions.

Safety functions

User safety displays anonymously on the map people within a 2 km radius of the user who have the Tracker, Ultracom or B-Bark app on their mobile phone. The feature requires that both the object being displayed and the user have the Safety feature enabled in the application. The function allows hunters to detect each other and other people in the wild to detect hunters. This increases the collective safety of everyone in the wild.

Dog Safety displays anonymously on a map the dogs within a 2 km radius of the user. The feature requires that the dog’s handler has enabled Safety function for the dog in the mobile app and that the dog’s follower also has Safety function enabled. A “note” can also be attached to the dog, which appears on a map and on which a message can be written, such as “Catch the dog!”. This of course increases the safety of dogs in dangerous situations.

The Safety feature is turned on by default when you open the application, you can choose to disable it in the settings.



  • Comprehensive terrain and satellite map data with borders, giving you a more accurate view of hiking trails, nature reserves, snowmobile routes and nautical charts. Offline map preload feature allows you to download all map data to your mobile device's memory. Fast map download, automatic terrain change and satellite map change with a shortcut.


  • Easily create map markings with versatile tools You can also easily draw areas, measure distances, acreage of the area and add external data, and easily share them with friends and your groups.


  • You can seamlessly rewind the hunt and relive the adventure.


  • Create groups for different needs, invite your friends to join your group with an invite link and follow your dogs and hunting companions unlimitedly between Tracker, Ultracom and B-Bark brands.


  • You can quickly change the location you want to track directly from the map or menu, zoom fast with one-hand and switch to a floating map. You can also use the app on multiple devices with the same license.

Support and user guides

Find out how to switch to the new Tracker app from your old Ultracom or Tracker 6 app

Switching to the Tracker app