Burrel Trail Camera Lead-acid battery 12V 7,2Ah


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Rechargeable lead-acid battery 12V. Compatible with Burrel game cameras with connection for 12V external power supply.

With a lead-acid battery, you can even double the operating time of your trail camera. The battery is connected to the camera with a battery cable, which is sold separately. NOTE! This lead-acid battery is only compatible with Burrel game cameras that have a connection for 12V power supply (Burrel S22WA). Burrel trail cameras that have a connection for 6V power supply (eg. Burrel S12 game cameras) have their own lead-acid battery.

The product package includes a lead-acid battery. Battery cable and Battery charger are sold separately.


Dimensions: 151 x 65 x 95 mm

Weight: 1.96kg

Capacity: 7,2Ah

Voltage: 12V

Technology: lead-acid

Connectors: 4.8mm