Burrel S22WA Brown


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The Burrel S22WA is an easy-to-use transmitting trail camera with advanced wide-angle optics for surveillance and game monitoring. A high-quality and reliable trail camera consumes little power and is therefore well suited to the challenging conditions of the Nordic countries.

The product package includes: Burrel S22WA trail camera, Burrel by Elisa SIM card (to be activated separately), external power antenna and mounting tape.

NOTE! The product package does not include a memory card and power supply, which are necessary for the trail camera to function, and must therefore be purchased separately. You can find memory cards and different options of power supplies in the category Burrel accessories.

Easy-to-use and Versatile

  • Illuminated buttons and a 2.0″ LCD display on the frontside of the camera make it easy to control and aim the camera. 
  • Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the camera has an field of view of up to 110 degrees. The camera is therefore well suited for both game monitoring and surveillance use. 
  • With an invisible and discreet infrablack flash, the camera takes high-quality pictures without being noticed, even in the dark. 
  • Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, the camera detects a moving object from a distance of up to 25 meters. 
  • The device comes with a Burrel by Elisa SIM card, which is activated at elisa. fi/burrel. The monthly subscription fee is EUR 3.90 per month, which the operator charges separately on a monthly basis. 

Get more out of the trail camera with Burrel+

  • Burrel S22WA is compatible with Burrel+ app 
  • Through the Burrel+ app, you can remote control the camera and its settings, and get photos and videos in real time in the app’s gallery. 
  • You can easily set up the camera by adding a user account to Burrel+ and adding the camera to the app with help of Burrel ID activation code. 
  • Download the Burrel+ app from the Appstore or Play Store. Learn more about the app at burrelplus.com.  



  • Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the camera has an field of view of up to 110 degrees.
  • Discreet and invisible infrablack flash
  • High-quality 24.0 megapixel still images and 2K videos at 1440p @ 30fps
  • Motion sensor distance up to 25 meters


  • 2.0" LCD display and illuminated buttons on the frontside of the camera for easy camera control and orientation
  • Powered by 12pcs AA batteries or 12V external power supply, for example rechargeable battery, solar panel or mains current.
  • Low power consumption makes it ideal for challenging weather conditions


  • Including Burrel by Elisa SIM card (self-activated by customer).Price 3.90 euros / month. The subscription is not included in the price.
  • Works on 2G, 3G and 4G networks with all operators.
  • Through intelligent automation, the camera always uses the best available network

Additional features

  • Compatible with Burrel+ app
  • Photos and videos can also be sent directly to e-mail and stored on the camera's memory card.


Burrel S22WA
Power supply:
12pcs AA batteries, connection for 12V external power supply
Operating temperature:
-20°C …. +60°C
0,5 kg
142 x 106,5 x 85 mm (without antenna)
MicroSD, max. 32GB
Mobile network support:
2G, 3G and 4G
Field of View:
110 degrees
Camera modes:
Photo, video, and video+image
Image resolution:
3 to 24 MP (adjustable)
Video resolution:
2K 1440p, Full HD 1080p, 720p, WVGA
Video Length:
1-30s (adjustable)
Motion sensor:
Wide angle, adjustable. Response speed up to 0.4s
Infrablack flash, range up to 25m
Photo burst:
Sets of 1-10 images
Time-Lapse mode:
Yes (adjustable)
2pcs + programmable weekly calendar
Sending images:
Sending videos:
12 months
Supported countries:
Finland, Sweden, Norway and Baltics