Burrel E24 Global


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The feature-packed Burrel E24 trail camera is designed to ensure excellent performance in all environments, making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves observing nature. Whether you are an experienced hunter looking to optimize game tracking, a nature enthusiast fascinated by wildlife, or a landowner ensuring the security of your property, the E24 is the right camera for you.

The package includes the trail camera, pre-installed SIM card (to be activated separately), high-performance antenna, 18650 battery adapter, quick guide, and mounting strap.

Note: The memory card and power supply are not included in the product package and must be purchased separately. Although the camera can send pictures without a memory card, a memory card is required to use all features, such as sending videos.

New Burrel App

  • Effortless Management: Easy and quick camera setup with the user-friendly Burrel app. Manage your camera settings remotely from anywhere at any time.
  • Fast and Intuitive Gallery: Browse photos and videos quickly to find the perfect trail camera shot, saving time compared to cumbersome interfaces. Filters are also available to help you find what you’re looking for faster.
  • Push Notifications: Receive instant alerts on your phone when your camera detects activity, allowing you to check what is happening remotely.
  • Compatibility and Maps: Use the Burrel app with any trail camera brand that has email functionality, including older Burrel 2G cameras. The app integrates high-quality maps from the Tracker app, allowing you to add your camera locations to the map and use it for other outdoor activities.
  • Sharing: Grant camera viewing rights through the Burrel app to friends or family for shared monitoring experiences. Your friends can see everything happening in real-time. Seamlessly share your moments directly to social media platforms, email, and other third-party apps.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation: Installation and management via the Burrel app, designed to be user-friendly and efficient.
  • Excellent Image Quality: Sends superb 24-megapixel photos and 2K resolution videos @ 30 fps.
  • Discreet Night Photography: Invisible black flash ensures crystal clear night vision.
  • Fast Response Time: 0.4-second trigger speed ensures no moment is missed.
  • Reliable Connection: Powerful 4G modem and pre-installed SIM card ensure stable connections even in remote areas. (self-activated by customer)
  • New back cover design allows users to replace AA batteries with 18650 rechargeable batteries (adapter included in the package). With the 18650 battery adapter, you can significantly extend the camera’s operating time and charge the batteries while they are inside the camera using the Burrel 6V AC charger.
  • Image Transmission Works Without a Memory Card. Accessing All Features Requires an SD Card. Card Size Up to 32GB.

Why Burrel

Effortless installation and remote monitoring

  • Burrel game cameras are easy to set up, manage, and send images and videos directly to your phone via the Burrel app


  • Rugged construction, an industrial-grade SIM card, and years of experience in harsh environments ensure flawless camera operation even in extreme temperatures, severe weather conditions, and challenging terrain.


  • Burrel cameras are not limited by image count or image resolution. With the included Burrel SIM (activation required and subject to fees), you get unlimited internet connectivity to your camera.


  • Enjoy the freedom to choose any mobile operator without limitations if you are having troubles with network coverage

About the pre-installed SIM card

Since the Burrel cameras are not limited by image count or image resolution, we have pre-installed SIM to all of our cameras. With this SIM card you get unlimited internet connectivity to your camera, so no need to worry about the photo & video amounts or resolutions.

You can choose the suitable package based on the time of usage from 3 months to 12 months. All the subscriptions are prepaid.

This specific has been designed to be used in trail cameras that require internet connection to be able to send photos, videos from the camera to the customer.

The SIM card is provided by Elisa, a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services.

Check more info or activate your SIM card at: https://devicesim.com/burrel/


Technical spesifications

Burrel E24 Global
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