Tracker dog tracking devices can be used with WeHunt app or Tracker app. If you are using Tracker GPS device with WeHunt, you need a valid GPS Max subscription. You can read more about WeHunt and its subscription options from WeHunt’s website 

If you are using Tracker GPS device with Tracker app, you can purchase from this page a 1-year or 1-week license for the Tracker app, Tracker TEAM license bundle for multiple hunters and 1-year extension for the device SIM subscription. By purchasing a license for the Tracker app you will get access to all features of the application. You can also buy more Tracker SIM credits for your Travel SIM card from us.   

With Tracker app you can control you Tracker dog tracking device and follow it on high-quality maps in real-time. Tracker app allows you to follow your dogs position, replay the events and communicate with other hunters during the hunt.