Tracker GPS devices for dogs are excellent tools for a passionate hunter. Together with WeHunt, a ground-breaking hunting platform, you get the most out of your hunts, regardless of whether you are hunting with or without a dog.  Tracker GPS devices can also be used together with Tracker app, with which you can follow the dog’s position reliably in real-time. There are also a variety of Tracker accessories, and spare parts, which help you to keep your GPS device in good condition and get even more out of your hunt. 

If you are using Tracker dog tracking devices together with Tracker software, you will need a Tracker license for the software to get access to all the features of the app. In Tracker app you can follow your and your dog’s position on high-quality terrain and satellite maps, and you can use the app to communicate with your hunting group during the hunt. With the Safety Features of the app you can enhance your and your dog’s safety during the hunt. (Tracker app is compatible with Oma Riista and Reviiri.) 

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