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Tracker, smart hunting tool designed to meet the needs of passionate hunters. It can be used for different types of hunting with or without a dog as well as for herd tracking. We offer a full package tracking solution: GPS tracking collar, Tracker Apps and Tracker Live service that provides a real-time and reliable positioning of unlimited number of dogs and friends on high-quality terrain maps, satellite images and communication within a group.

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Tracker software

Tracker service is the all-inclusive tracking and navigation solution for hunters, and hunting clubs. From your smart phone or computer, you can track and trace in real time an unlimited number of dogs or team members, follow the hunting actions in the field and communicate between groups. In addition, Tracker service gives you access to high quality terrain maps for a smart and easy navigation.

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Tracker gps collars

Different dog breeds, different usage fields and different areas. We have dog tracking collars for all needs. Compare the performance and options of each collar to choose the best suitable for you and your dog. All Tracker dog collars are developed and Made in Finland.

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Tracker Boazu

Tracker Super BOAZU is a GPS based positioning system aimed for herd tracking like reindeers in Nordic regions or other livestock tracking like goats, sheep. It shows animal’s position precisely and reliably with a very long battery life (over 300 days). With Tracker Boazu, you can easily follow your livestock movements on the map via a mobile phone, or a computer on web navigator Webtracking” 

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