NEW COLLAR SOFTWARE 1.34.00 is released!

A new collar SW 1.34.00 has been released for Tracker devices : G400FI, G500 2013, G500FI, G1000, Supra, SuperBoazu 2013, SuperBoazu FI

What’s new:
– Improvements for GPS performance for difficult conditions when used Tracker Smart, GPS off or GPS GSM off – Power mode

How to update Tracker collar!

  1. Connect your GPS collar to the charger (not Super Boazu)
  2. In Tracker Hunter 6> All Target> Select your GPS device> Your locator can be updated if “Software version” reads “Update available” -> Click on the text
  3. Follow the instructions

Update takes about 15-30 min.

Please make the update in areas with good GSM coverage e.g. at home and do not move with the collar.
In case that the update was interrupted e.g. due to the connection cut, restart the collar and try the process again