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The new Tracker Hunter 6 has now been released for Android and iOS devices. You can access the new app by downloading it from Google Play or AppStore. Follow the instructions below so your data (targets, waypoints, lines, etc.) will be automatically transferred from the old to the new App.

Before using Tracker Hunter 6, carefully do the following:

1- Open the old Tracker Hunter 5 program and write down the share name and registration code. You can find your registration code and share name:
In Tracker for Android> Tracker App menu (menu button or 3 points on the right side of your screen)> About.
In Tracker for IOS> Own position > setting.
2- Go to Google Play or the AppStore, type Tracker Hunter 6 in the search box, and install the new app on your mobile device.
3- Open Tracker Hunter 6 and follow its instructions when logging in to the program for the first time. If you have more than one registration code in your phone number, select the code you used in the old program to transfer data (targets, waypoints, lines, etc.) you saved to the new program.
4- From the Settings> Licenses menu, make sure you’ve enabled the same license and share name that you used in the old program.
5- When Tracker Hunter 6 is running, delete the old Tracker Hunter 5 and the folder named “tracker” from your phone’s data.

Important! Downloading and installing the new TH6 program is necessary for all Tracker users as support for old program versions has ended.