“Bark recording Command” is now integrated to Tracker Artemis SW 2.0!

Tracker for Android 5.10 and Tracker Artemis 2.0 SW are now available for download:

Tracker for Android 5.10 has now been released and can be downloaded from Google Play and at download.tracker.fi.
Tracker Artemis 2.0 SW will automatically be downloaded to the devices in stages in the coming days.

With the aforementioned updates, Tracker Artemis users will have access to a new bark recording command. A feature that allows them to order and record over-data dog’s barking and listen directly on the map. The barking sounds are displayed on dogs’ tracks, so you know exactly where in the terrain the dog has barked.
The sounds are also automatically stored to dog’s tracks for after-game replay, so you listen to bark recording at any given time after the hunt or share them with friends

The Tracker Artemis 2.0 update also includes the following changes:

– More information on LED lights meaning (see instructions in the updated operating instructions)
– Improvements in performance in poor coverage areas
– Improvements in battery life
– Improvements to the bark counter
– Other minor improvements