Open Air Group Ab has acquired 100% share capital of the Ultracom Group (Ultracom Oy and Ultracom Group Oy). Ultracom is a developer and manufacturer of monitoring solutions for dogs and free-range production animals in northern Finland, which has done long-term and innovative work in the field of wireless data transmission. Ultracom’s main markets are Finland and Sweden, and the company’s net sales in 2020 were approximately EUR 5.2 million. euros. 

Open Air Group has previously acquired Tracker Oy, which operates in the same industry as Ultracom, under its umbrella. The current combination is the largest in Europe in its field and has a combined turnover of approximately EUR 11 million. and will directly employ about 50 people. 

“It is very exciting that we are now joining forces with Tracker and becoming part of Open Air Group. It is a very natural next step for Ultracom and it makes much more sense to work together to create an even better and stronger offer towards hunters” says Jari Maansaari, CEO of Ultracom.

“We see this as a strategic partnership between Ultracom and Tracker, where we will leverage the strengths of both companies and together we will be able to create a comprehensive infrastructure to improve the safety of, for example, hunters and dogs.” Mentioned by Tracker’s CEO Markus Salmenpohja. 

“The match between Tracker and Ultracom is perfect and we are convinced that the joint competence, experience, R&D capacity and sales operations between these two organisations will allow for a very exciting journey ahead” says Camilo Sjödin, CEO, Open Air Group

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Camilo Sjödin, CEO, Open Air Group, camilo.sjodin (a) 
Jari Maansaari, CEO, Ultracom, jari.maansaari (a) 
Markus Salmenpohja, CEO, Tracker Oy, markus.salmenpohja (a) 

Open Air Group  is a holding company that currently operates in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Its owned brands are Chevalier, Tracker, Alaska 1795, Burrel, Valio and the retail companies,, and OAG is also a minority shareholder in the Swedish outdoor brand Garphyttan.

Open Air Group’s strategy is to grow the business of the companies it owns by developing and through acquisitions. The group’s net sales in 2020 are expected to exceed EUR 50 million. OAG’s goal is to become the leading product developer and market leader in the Nordic countries in the hunting, dog and outdoor product segments. 

Ultracom is a privately owned company with deep roots in radio engineering expertise in Oulu. The Ultracom Group includes Ultracom Oy and Ultracom Group Oy. Ultracom’s business includes the development, manufacture, sale, and marketing of tracking systems for dogs and free-range animals. The Group’s net sales in 2020 are approximately EUR 5.2 million. and directly employs 20 people. Ultracom is headquartered in Kempele. 

Tracker belongs to the Open Air Group and is headquartered in Oulu. Tracker develops, manufactures, sells, and markets tracking systems based on mobile technology for hunters and hunting dogs. The company’s turnover in 2020 is approximately 5.5 million. and directly employs 25 people. In addition to Finland, Tracker’s main market areas are Sweden and Norway.