Tracker Artemis tracking device’s 2.03.00 firmware update is now available

The firmware is automatically updated to the collar.

There will be two additional features visible for Tracker Artemis in Tracker Hunter 6 software. Geofence alarm and Whistle command. They work after firmware is updated.  

Changes from 2.02.00 to 2.03.00

  • Dog whistle – Notes for whistle. Following limitations are existing:
    • In case battery level is < 80% the whistle maximum volume is limited
    • In case battery level is <= 20% the whistle sound is disabled
    • Always during whistle sound is running, the frequent tracking (less than one minute frequency) is skipped but is continued automatically when sound has been played.
  • Barking / no barking is detection is now sharper than earlier and it is detected as follows:
    • Barking starts when within last 10 sec there is 4 or more barks
    • Barking stops when within last 10 sec there is 0 barks or within last 10 + 10 sec there is 1 + 1 barks.
  • Geofence alarm
  • When there is bark detected as mentioned previous for a full minute, even short time, the whole minute is marked as bark minute for barking total time counter.
  • Improved battery charging related functionalities
  • Improved functionalities related to cases where battery is getting empty.
  • Improved functionality during cellular network errors and recoveries from them
  • Other smaller improvements and fixes