Tracker Hunter 6 smartwatch App for Google Wear OS!

We are very pleased to release the long waited for smartwatch application Tracker Hunter 6. It is now available as a beta version that you can download if you are using TH6.1.11 or newer version and can be used with smartwatches powered by Google Wear OS.

Tracker Hunter 6 smartwatch application keeps your hands free in a hunting situation. You can reliably track your dogs’ direction or see your own position by simply looking at your watch while keeping your phone in your coat pocket or backpack.

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Tracker has established a joined collaboration with SUUNTO_ a Market leader in Finland. We especially recommend Suunto 7 smartwatch for it offers a versatile GPS sports watch and a smartwatch features both in the same package. Suunto 7 also offers comprehensive terrain maps for the enjoyment of nature riders, as well as training programs to keep you fit even outside the hunting season.

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Technical Requirements:

For Tracker Hunter 6 watch app to work, you need an android phone and a Google Wear OS smartwatch. your phone must have the latest version of Tracker Hunter 6 (version 6.1.11 or later). You can download from your watch Google Play store.

Note: The phone software has to be turned on when the watch is being used

Give feedback

Because the program is only at the development phase, Tracker does not provide technical support for using the program. instead, we are looking forward to receiving constructive feedback for further development of the application. you can send feedback on using Tracker Hunter 6 Wear OS by filling up this form.

Thank you!
Tracker Team