Dear customers and partners,

We are living in exceptional times in Finland and around the world. Now, it is important for each of us to bear his/her own social distancing and to contribute to the fight against the pandemic through our everyday actions.

We will survive together and start our hunting passion again in the autumn. Before that, however, the virus has to be cleared up, and during that time we will continue working with Tracker, but with certain exceptions and procedures. In this letter, you can read more about Tracker preparations for the coming season.

Canceled trade shows and outdoor events bring changes in the way we operate

Due to the ongoing corona outbreak, spring exhibitions and events are canceled. As a result, Tracker is pushing for more customer online communications in spring 2020. In early April, we will be launching a new online store that will make it easier to purchase Tracker GPS collars as well as licenses and accessories. In addition, we strengthen our communications through websites, emails, and social media.

Tracker Artemis ™ will receive a software update

There will be a number of improvements in the upcoming season of Tracker. Tracker Artemis, the future-proof dog tracking device, released last year, is about to receive an automatic update over the spring, which will bring, among other things, one of the most requested features “the sound clip command” i.e. possibility to order a short clip from Artemis and listen to dog’s barking or noise around on the app. In addition, IoT networks have been tested for a long time and are supported by Tracker Artemis as soon as they are considered to be sufficiently sophisticated.

The new Android app will be released in early summer

With the collaboration of Tracker and b-Bark, our product development strength has grown. We have been working hard together to develop new tracking software since last fall. The new software will be available for our customers to install in early summer 2020. The new software will be heavily influenced by the 2018 updated Tracker for iOS software and will provide a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface for all our users. In the future, Tracker interfaces on Android, iPhone and the web will look the same and the new software platform will accelerate the development of features and services that benefit new users.

Tracker service in Oulunsalo throughout the spring

 Service operations will be carried out in a normal way with minor restrictions. In order to minimize any possible infection with the coronavirus, we kindly request from our customers to ship service devices by post or pre-arrange a drop off by calling our service point in advance.

Let’s take good care of each other! Together we will overcome!

Markus Salmenpohja
Tracker Oy