Tracker for Android 5.06. is now available for download!

A new software update for Tracker for Android v.5.06 is released. The new software update includes new and enhanced features which will improve your software stability. The update is available for download on Google Play and at

What’s new:
Support for old collars with GPS module timestamp problem:
For the first-generation G500 and G400i, the detected incorrect time can be ignored by selecting “Ignore GPS Timestamp” from collar’s Live and Screen settings.

However, this new GPS setting does not solve the problem in the collars, for which there is no repair. Due to ignoring the timestamp, the track may not be reliably drawn on the map during positioning or in the replay of the tracks. Ignoring the GPS timestamp only enables the program to draw a collar position on the map, but the collar’s full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

A new simplified setting for the barking counter:
The adjustment of the barking counter has been optimized and simplified. It is easy to adjust the counter according to the instructions in the program in the headband setting commands. New adjustments do not apply to Tracker Artemis.

Updates to maps:
Improvements to maps of Finland at the level of path visibility and map scaling.

Keep the display on:
In the Tracker settings, it is now possible to keep the Tracker app screen on continuously and prevent its timeout while you are using the program. To enable this option: Tracker App > Map view > settings > “Keep display on”.

Other improvements and optimizations