Tracker’s visual identity is refreshed to reflect the company’s forward momentum

Ultracom Ltd and Tracker Inc. merged into one company at the beginning of 2022, the new merged company will be called Tracker Ltd. The company is part of the Swedish Open Air Group and is active in developing dog tracking solutions, equipment and application development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Tracker Oy’s budgeted turnover in 2022 is approximately EUR 14 million and it has approximately 40 employees. Tracker Ltd is one of the leading European manufacturers of dog tracking products.

“With two leading dog tracking brands moving under one roof, we wanted a fresh new start for the joint journey, one that honors both traditional brands. The company was named Tracker, with due respect to the company’s long history and a first mover in dog tracking devices via smartphone. The new Tracker logo features familiar elements from both Tracker and Ultracom color schemes.” says Marketing Manager Kati Heikkinen. Under the new Tracker brand, the Tracker and Ultracom products will continue to operate as separate product series, while the website will get a new coherent look this spring.