We are currently sharing this track with the Tracker Community as well as Benutzer, and we are working with this tracker.

We also use a tracker as an accessory, such as a device, a guide and an armrest for men and women. # Nichts ist besser, als gemeinsam zu jagen !
In this case, if the user / nagger is / are divided, the tracker-gate is also used by BenutzerIn this way, they can be used as an accessory to the tracker!

Als Belohnung bieten wir Ihnen (als BewerberIn) :

  • tracker Tracker-License for the same tracker SIM card Gutschein from Tracker-SIM.

The total cost of the item / n geworbene / n Jagdfreund / in gewähren wir einen Rabatt from 159 € is for the following Tracker-Komplettpaket, entweder :

  • Tracker SUPRA ( 659 € , Dann 559 €)
  • G1000 Maximal ( 599 € , Dann 499 €)
  • You can also view the license and tracker SIM
  • These bonuses are included in the BewerberIn and Deinem / Deiner gemorbenen JagdfreundIn eose kostenlose Tracker-Kappe.

Das Angebot gilt vom 17. bis 30. september 2021!

We know that this is the best way to go!

You can find more information about the tracker-handler for this purpose: